About Us

Hortensia by Delove is a fine jewelry brand designed by a father and daughter. Born in Paris and raised in Geneva, Sarah grew up in a in a multi-cultural household where spirituality and jewelry have an important meaning.

Her family worked in the diamond & jewelry industry for over 40 years and Sarah grew up watching her father’s devotion for diamonds, where she absorbed the magic in every jewel. From an early age her family helped her examine stones and find inspiration in jewels and precious metals.

Curious to explore the world and embrace different cultures, she worked and studied in the Middle East, Europe & Asia. Her zeal for stones and jewelry led her to enroll at the “Gemological Institute of America” in Bangkok. This helped her to further her education in gemstones and jewelry design and ultimately, finish her course in Italy—the epicenter of fashion and class.

Returning to her father she became a diamond dealer and private high end jewelry designer in the family business, for many years. Here her father taught her something that cannot be taught by searching every corner of the globe: passion. Today she runs her father’s brand, Hortensia by Delove and continues to spread this inspiration all over the world.

Sarah grows her father’s brand with his same devotion and wants nothing more than to make him proud of his empire. She’s excited to carry on the family tradition and create generations of opulent jewelry and fashion.